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Scientists in the Soviet Union - and America - set to work designing even bigger nuclear bombs… a deadly contest that culminated fifty years ago in the biggest man-made explosion of all time. Pushing the science too far – in the effort to stay ahead.

RICHARD RHODES: One scientist panicked and was crawling up the beach in terror as this thing kept going up and up.

His task was to measure the yield from this first atomic bomb.

DR HAROLD AGNEW: When the bomb went off we saw the light, then we felt two shockwaves - which surprised us - and then we realised one of them was a reflection from the ground.


© 2011 BLINK FILMS AND WNET Secrets of the Dead: The World’s Biggest Bomb Narrator: As World War Two ended with the atomic bombing of Japan, a secret war commenced - ushering in one of the most terrifying periods in recent history.

Narrator: Now, the story of what really happened in this clandestine war. NOT SURE WHAT THIS LINE IS DOING HERE DR HAROLD AGNEW: The cloud just kept rising and rising - but what frightened me was the heat. Narrator: Half a century later, this secret struggle is uncovered ... THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BOMB Narrator: In October 1961, there was a lurch on the seismograph.

But the shockwave had come from a place far from any earthquake zone. Unless the instruments were lying - there was only one possible explanation.

Together, these bombs had killed more than 150-thousand people.He says the A-bomb spelled excitement – and even sex appeal.RICHARD RHODES, Historian: The bikini was invented by a French designer in 1946.Narrator: Agnew was now a key member of the team created to keep the United States ahead of the Soviet Union.And a series of vast experiments would be conducted here – on Bikini Atoll.

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