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When Esther was confronted by her three sons, Bonnie and Abby fled to the abandoned house, seeking protection from the witch spirits.To Bonnie's surprise, Stefan appeared and explained to her that he needed to find a way to prevent Esther from channeling the Bennett bloodline.After a dream of Abby helping her, Bonnie and Elena decide they need help on how to open one of the coffins. Bonnie, still angry with her, tells her they only came for help. They found a spell to unbind something but were trying it for over an hour.They suggest that they should go visit Bonnie's mother and look up every Abby Bennett in the area. Abby informs them of her loss of magic and her friendship with Elena's mother, Miranda. Abby kind of gives up, but Bonnie gets her to continue.In Because the Night, Rudy calls Abby to tell her that Bonnie needs the help of a lot of witches to cleanse her from expression.In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Bonnie tells Damon that she found the the Cure for vampirism in the 1994 Prison World and that she had planned to give it to her mother but found that Abby was surprisingly happy as a vampire so she decided to give it to Damon instead. , she arrives at Bonnie's house and tells her that Caroline called her, as Caroline was hoping if she didn't want to talk to her, but she could talk to her mother instead.

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Abby realized that the coffin was opened and is later found knocked out with Bonnie by Damon and Esther, who was in the coffin, is gone.

Abby Bennett Wilson is the daughter of Sheila Bennett and the mother of Bonnie Bennett.

She was born in Mystic Falls Hospital, attended Mystic Falls High School from 1984 to 1988 and was best friends with Miranda Sommers (Elena's adoptive mother and Jeremy's biological mother) and possibly Kelly Donovan (Matt's mother) along with Liz Forbes (Caroline's mother).

In A View to a Kill, Abby surprisingly appears at Bonnie's doorstep as she was attempting to leave against her father's orders.

It was revealed Rudy called her to join the family meeting which was really an intervention for Bonnie.

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