Trends in dating patterns and adolescent development

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Risks of low birth weight, premature labor, anemia, and pre-eclampsia are connected to the biological age, being observed in teen births even after controlling for other risk factors (such as accessing prenatal care etc.).

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Many teen parents do not have the intellectual or emotional maturity that is needed to provide for another life.The children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely with a low birth weight, predisposing them to many other lifelong conditions.One study suggested that adolescent mothers are less likely to stimulate their infant through affectionate behaviors such as touch, smiling, and verbal communication, or to be sensitive and accepting toward his or her needs.Several studies have examined the socioeconomic, medical, and psychological impact of pregnancy and parenthood in teens.Life outcomes for teenage mothers and their children vary; other factors, such as poverty or social support, may be more important than the age of the mother at the birth.

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