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My frustrations with budget and technology limits may make it sound like I'm not happy with the powers that be, but I'm well aware they'd be happy to shower my library with books and technology if they had the money!I doubt the people who make those decisions will read this blog, but I like them, I really like them!I've wanted to be a librarian since I was 5, but that job option wasn't encouraged by the feisty and feminist nuns who taught me in high school.So I majored in International Environmental Studies, got another degree in Public Health, and spent 9 years working in three wildly different bookstores to pay my way. I also love that technology has made my job even more incredible. 29 first dates, two dating managers, and one bot later, Dating Vandalized offers readers a visceral look into one woman’s quest for love in the digital realm, navigating the apps that hold enormous potential to both connect us and circle us further from intimacy, immediacy, and finding the deepest desires of our hearts. A business owner with a problem-solving mindset, Lyadova embarked on a three-month experiment based on the following premise: There’s no such thing as digital chemistry.

I believe the truth is out there and that there’s more to the universe than meets the eye.

The reality is, I don't see that happening in my district.

I don't even know when elementary or middle schools in my district had librarians.

Clones, microchips, hostile governments, survival..enjoy reading about societies like this, if only to make your own life look more cozy!

Do you like long walks on the beach, baskets of kittens and meaningful chats over mugs of hot chocolate? I’ll shape you up with stories of war, soldiers, resistance fighters, with a mix of Fiction and Non-Fiction.

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