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In the week that marks the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of Fife man Allan Bryant, the detective heading the ongoing investigation into his whereabouts has said they have found no evidence that tells them Allan is no longer alive.

The Michelin machine just came slaloming through town, outraging spectators and performing spectacular handbrake turns (two stars for a new £300-a-head, nine-cover Japanese restaurant– who saw that coming? The omissions, the inclusions, the whole premise of the Guide itself, are the subject of fervid debate, this year more than ever, as the gussied-up style favoured by Michelin increasingly feels like a throwback to some Jurassic era of fine dining. His tiny restaurant, a former smokehouse and cooperage tucked away behind the harbour in a Fife fishing village, is run as the tightest of ships, crewed by just four – two in the kitchen, two front of house.

Downie was released on bail and placed on the sex offenders register meantime.She's come to Anstruther with Boyter from Number One, but despite their background, there's no Michelin-pleasing folderol.Music ranges from Ed Sheeran to a fiddle band, and the atmosphere is of quiet enjoyment rather than reverence. The chef-proprietor of The Cellar in Anstruther has been toiling away on an if-you-build-it-they-will-come basis for 18 months.Boyter works every service, constantly changing the menu, foraging for ingredients and pouring as much creativity and care into every dish as he did when he was head chef at Edinburgh's swankiest restaurant, Number One at the Balmoral Hotel.

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