Serena dating white guy

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People like the members of the Bilderberg group (PLEASE look them up) have mastered the art of using movies, music, television and social media to dumb the world down and desensitize you to things that SHOULD outrage you.

The more we are bombarded with images of Black men and women dying at the hands of white officers, and civilians alike, the more they let the bodies lie in the street, reminiscent of strange fruit swinging from the trees in the south; the more the world looks at things as if they are normal.

As a Black person, you should not be able to turn a blind eye to these things.

You can and should not ignore that in 2017 we are seeing too much of the same behavior, rhetoric and malice that has plagued Black people in America for centuries. Before we “progressed” with desegregation, the Black community was a strong community.

White women longed to work, to go to school and create lives outside of their families.

Black women have been working all along, many were educated.

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Suddenly, Black women were chasing the white woman’s dream of freedom from under her husband’s thumb.The government, America and the old rich white men who run it, never meant for us to have a real chance at a productive life in America.That’s why a woman like Serena Williams marrying a white man bothers me so much.The history of what was and is still being done to the Black race is not hidden.It’s public knowledge and can be researched with ones fingertips.

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