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We hope to create a feature that will analyze the way a user interacts with our system and adjust the pacing for each individual, and we already have enough data to appropriately adjust the pace by age.When we started, we wanted everything to reside within the chat interface.We sell our product directly to employers of a highly educated workforce as well as to people who didn’t finish high school.We’ve found that, regardless of the audience, making your scripts as simple as possible results in the greatest level of engagement.

We ended up developing a menu where people could start different chat scripts and saw a dramatic increase in utilization both within chat and in the new menu.Chatbots are hot right now in the startup community. I’m not always sure that chat interfaces are ideal solutions — I find scanning the news on Flipboard much quicker than chatting for the news — but the blending of A. with a chat interface is a match made in heaven for many verticals, including health care.Developing scripts for our chatbot, Joy, over the past seven months has taught me about the unique challenges of writing for a chatbot.We’re still in this technology’s infancy, so every industry is starting with a clean slate and a different perspective.A retailer-bot might try to inject a little more of a Dale Carnegie approach to its language, while a financial company might be more direct and to the point.

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