Ridiculious online dating profiles

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Someone who knows that the most important things in life can’t be seen.

Lady Macbeth ( by William Shakespeare) Profile Photo: Black and white royal portrait, unsmiling Location: Inverness, Scotland About Lady Macbeth: Behind every successful man is a great woman.

Someone who will help with my gardening—getting rid of the baobabs early, raking the volcanoes, and tending to my beloved rose.

Someone who can draw me a sheep and laugh with the stars.

I has bestest human bean friend Sophie and we can all drink scrumdiddlyumptious frobscottle and go whizpopping together!

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This effect applies for same sex people appearing together, however when people of the opposite sex appear together, the effect applies only to males.

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In an online dating context therefore, a male’s profile picture where he is pictured accompanied by a slightly more attractive female should enhance his chances, by making him appear more attractive. Adopt a certain posture The way in which we move has an affect on how attractive people find us, and while it may be difficult to illustrate movement in static profile pictures on dating sites, we can however display certain postures and gestures which may enhance our levels of attractiveness.

Grammer, Renninger, & Fischer (2004) identified several male postures which illustrate dominance and social status, and therefore can increase attractiveness.

Some of these postures are open body movements (arms open and not folded, legs apart and not together), space maximisation movements (dominating social space and taking up space close by), and engaging in non reciprocated touches with other males (touching, but not being touched back).

Males who adopt such postures and demonstrate dominance in online dating pictures should therefore be perceived as more attractive by females. Emphasise your creative side Gueguen, Meineri & Fischer-Lokou (2014) carried out a study where males simply walked around a town talking to females and asking for their phone numbers.

The males in this study attempted this on three separate occasions.

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