Parks and recreation ann speed dating

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He had sacrificed for her before, ending their relationship so she could run for office.

And here was again, sacrificing his job, so they could be together and she could still run for office.

But after emitting a series of weird noises to prevent stenographer Ethel Beavers from hearing Leslie attempt to enter his address into the official record, he fled the scene, having detected the scent of ex-wife Tammy 2. “He’s just a maintenance worker, NASCAR enthusiast, I believe, and oh, interesting tidbit: I once bribed him to keep my relationship with Ben private,” Leslie nervously told the camera.

(“I can smell the sulfur coming off her cloven hooves.”) Ah, this was Chris’ “killer witness.” (Megan Mullally’s cameo was all too brief, though, as Chris reminded her mid-lie that he’d fire her if she committed perjury, so she bailed.) Another point for Knope. We gulped through the commercial break and then watched some footage from the season 3 finale (including the producer’s cut), which showed George spotting them kissing, and being paid off with a spa gift certificate that rejuvenated his face. After failing to prove that he was sight-impaired, a panicked Leslie requested a 55-day recess.

) Ron relayed his findings: In 1856, the council banned all sexual positions but missionary before banning that one as well two years later.

Even more chilling, Donna discovered that black people still can’t legally use city sidewalks. Which transitions us nicely into that entrancing mural “Bad Pawnee, Good Pawnee,” which depicted the town’s glorious moments on one side, the inglorious on the other.

While we didn’t get to see Chris cross-examine his ex, we were treated to Leslie instructing Ann to open her email inbox, where an email entitled “Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donna stood by Leslie, affirming that the room was being used for business purposes, as they were dressed in unsexy khakis and button-down shirts.

Still, Chris brought the high heat, challenging her on when their relationship began, announcing a roster of 14 witnesses.) Before leaving, he told her to check out the transcript from his meeting with Ben, which proved to be a clever device to unspool this part of the love story. A half-step too far for me.) Leslie tracked Ben down in the snowy night air, and returned the favor.Next: Ethel needs a ride home CHRIS: Was all of this, all of the sneaking around, the scandal, losing your job, was it worth it? it was…” “…because I love Leslie,” picked up Ethel, quoting Ben in a monotone drone. Ethel stepped out of Leslie’s car and read page 132 of the official testimony: “Leslie Knope: ‘Let the record state that I, Leslie Knope, love Ben Wyatt. Did Ron not wipe his hard drive before tossing the computer in the trash?Oh, that was almost as rich of a reveal as the big penis discovery earlier this season, in the opposite direction!To make up for this one, his wife is going to have to be hot. What’s your verdict on “The Trial of Leslie Knope”?

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