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There is an MCX external antenna input on the lower left side, although in most cases no external antenna will be needed, thanks to the high sensitive receiver.The touchscreen is 16 bit anti-glare TFT LCD and has good visibility. The left photo shows the volume control, USB connector, power switch and right side speaker, with power cable/data receiver plugged into the back.The "Where to" is where you select where to navigate to, the "View map" brings up the map page in 3-D and the icons on the bottom row handle the bluetooth cell phone, MSN Direct data, MP3 player, settings and screen brightness, which requires manual control. The Street Pilot c580's find menu gives you numerous categories to choose from. Pressing 'address' will allow you to input a street address and be routed to it.Most of them are from the included six million POI database for businesses. You will be prompted for the state, then the city and then the house number.Read our article here on the Garmin POI Loader for more information on Custom POI's which can be in the tens of thousands. You can also use the "Browse Map" feature, which I really found helpful.You can drag the screen and zoom in and out to find locations.You then input the street name, however do not add North or South to the street name. The other important option is 'Favorites.' Here you can be routed to your own saved favorites, which are basically waypoints and you can input up to 500 Favorites.

The Street Pilot c330 will guide you to your destination with a 3.5 inch touch screen color display.

If you want to save a little cash and load maps yourself, you might want to consider the Street Pilot c320 instead.

To load maps you use the included Map Source City Select disc to load the 128 Mb SD card.

An external volume control is on the upper right side.

All other controls are made through the touch screen.

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