Dara park jaejoong dating

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Jin, and in films such as Heaven's Postman and Jackal is Coming.He was also the Executive Director for JYJ's 2011 Worldwide Tour and the 2011 LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars.Kim Jae Joong, simply known as Jae Joong, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, and director.He is best known as a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ. If there is one pop star/actor I would like to meet in my life, then it's him. It gives his character such a depth compared to the superficiality we see everywhere else. 1 is Woo Young of 2PM, because of his open admiration on her, I should give him credit for that, right? I mean gorgeous men, I like Song Joong Ki better, (no.45 on my list) because Joong Ki & Dara are almost on the same age, (just few months age gap) same baby face, same skin, and I think they are both look good together, and of course, I am so bias you know. I like and respect Sandara Park of 2NE1 because she's humble, generous, funny, straight forward, and child like (and not to mention that she's so pretty and lucky to have a baby face).Maybe that's also the reason why she has so many fanboys compared to other female in showbiz industry.

You're in fact a very good actor, please don't be so shy! Jaejoong is an epitome of strength, nobleness and elegance. He's just perfect and many people loves him He always give out his "sincere" feeling when he's doing something.. He is attractive and graceful in appearance and behavior, a perfect mannequin for clothes, jewelry and cosmetics. Please don't do any films because it ends fast 120 mins max & I can't take it, do dramas coz it last for days & it gives me more time to look at your work & that fabulous face of yours... You were so hilarious x) I can't wait for your solo album to be released. Our lovely Jaejoong^^ His angelic voice and his acting is just a beginning weapon to be attracted to him. First time i saw his acting on Korean Series *Protect The Boss* and i fall in love with his acting in that serial. He is a noble prince of goodness spreading love through gracious donation giving, doing fan meetings though sick and or voiceless; a truly ambassador of goodwill -KBEE 2012 with Xia and Chunnie. Maybe he's not the perfect actor but he makes the movie comes out perfect.. I wish you would play in lots of dramas and movies cause I love seeing you on the screen and I'm sure there are lots of people who agree with me. All the very best for the future & Happiness always!!! He likes to work behind the scene, he doesn't care whether people will look at him or not. Although my sister and I will come to Korea soon to love you so much. Good luck for your acting and singing career may God Bless You.. Love your songs & voice which I call it FIRE & ICE because you are hot & cold at the same time.. I found his warm heart, kindness, caring to others and he's so down to earth. He also have a great voice, i love his song "i'll pretect u" (OST. I wish he will come to Indonesia with JYJ :)) i definitely love your role in Postman to Heaven and Protect The Boss.act and sing nicely, especially in 12th episode..truthfully, i've never be interest for JYJ or TVXQ,,but since i heard Junsu "you are beautifull" in "scent of woman" and your deep voice in karaoke scene protect the boss, i think now i'm in love with JYJ and TVXQ...

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