Bisexual chat el salvador

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As well, homosexuality is not expressly prohibited by the constitution and there are many liberal thinking leaders who openly oppose homophobia such as the former mayor of San Salvador.

Her official position toward pro-gay tolerance was influenced by Entre Amigo’s lobbying efforts said William.

(photo right: offering HIV information to lifeguards) About 10% accept the offer and take the instructional course that includes personal hygiene, disease transmission and prevention, safe sex practices, condom usage (and free condoms), an offer to get HIV tested as well as a human rights presentation.

Many closeted bisexuals and hidden gay people have no idea about their rights as citizens to be protected against harm, rights that are often ignored but are still demanded by Entre Amigos.

Currently they are working on the new mayor to continue the anti-homophobia influence in city policy.

In their HIV outreach education work, Entre Amigos has made presentations to more than seven thousand people.

They ‘cruise’ certain parks and streets at night—risky as that is in the city–where anonymous contacts are made, often by closeted married men, as well as male prostitutes—and their johns–looking for hookups.Volunteers go to gay venues and pick-up places to offer short introductory chats (charlas) about health information.Before they finish talking, they issue an invitation to attend a free eight-hour educational seminar in a hotel or at the Entre Amigos office.In this homophobic country I expected hidden back office but instead the entry was emblazoned with bright rainbow colors and the large bold lettering of Entre Amigos.(photo left) Greeting us with a warm smile and a big hug was the director of Entre Amigos, William Hernandez, a big bear of a man who has been with the organization since its start in 1996.

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