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Carlos retired from active touring and recording with the band he co-founded.

Daxx’s innate virtuosity and spirited musicianship were propulsive in more ways than the usual, inspiring fresh energy while also keeping the band in touch with its roots. “He’s so into it, he can play all of our songs on any instrument.

Each member has skin in the songwriting game, contributing elements – a riff, a chorus, a hook that won’t stop – which are then jammed into three-and-a-half minute pop perfection by the entire unit, ensuring everybody’s respective two cents are represented in every finished tune.

“We start something and the songs take on a life of their own,” Petersson says. It’s not like one person had to think of everything for 40 years straight.

Otherwise you just get lost in yourselves.” “Julian really brings the best out in us,” Petersson says.

“We could produce our own records but we prefer to have Julian there to quell the storms,” Zander says.

“You’ve got three writers in the band so there’s a lot of ideas floating around.

We’ll pull something from our back catalog and .” After more than half a decade away from the studio, Cheap Trick was fired up and ridiculously prolific, cranking out close to 30 new tunes over two pair of sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville.

Tracks like “No Direction Home” hit hard as a teenage crush’s kiss, affirming the eternal strength of Cheap Trick’s smart, sly, sometimes sarcastic songcraft.

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