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The introduction of Free Basics in India provoked a heated debate as it was seen to violate the principle of net neutrality.Eventually, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) ruled that mobile operators cannot charge differential tariffs for data services, which prevented Facebook from introducing its free app.

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However, the political role of social media is becoming more pronounced as noticed by governments in Burundi, Chad, Congo, and Uganda and Zimbabwe which recently ordered mobile operators to block access to social media during periods of elections or protests, frequently citing concerns over national security.

For example, Zambia’s largest mobile operator, Airtel, offers a ‘social bundle’ which allows users to access social media for an unlimited time over a certain period (e.g. The company charges ZMW2 (£0.15) for a daily Facebook bundle and ZMW4 (£0.30) for a daily Whats App, Facebook and Twitter bundle.

Daily packages are popular and enable users to adjust their data spending according to their income that particular week.

SMS and email are increasingly replaced with Facebook Messenger and Whats App.

Many small to medium-size businesses do not have websites but market their services on easily managed Facebook pages.

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