Whos dating jason statham

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Ford distracts him, allowing Susan to kill his men.

Sergio escapes to his helicopter with the device and the diamonds, but Susan grabs onto the landing gear.

Susan Cooper is a 40-year-old, single, desk-bound CIA employee who remotely assists her partner, field agent Bradley Fine, on a mission.

De Luca has Dudaev and his men killed, then reveals his plan to sell the device to another buyer (though they also intend to bomb New York City), before pointing his gun at Rayna.In mid-flight, the steward kills Rayna's bodyguard and pilots, but Susan subdues him.Rayna believes Susan to be a CIA agent, but Susan convinces her that she was hired by Boyanov to protect his daughter.Fine invites Susan to dinner, but she instead opts for a night out with Nancy.The next morning, Susan wakes up in bed next to Ford and screams.

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