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): Like a squirrel on bath salts, Lynne skittered around a couple of seasons without causing much fuss in the group, but her family life was a delightful mess.

Not only were her daughters spoiled monsters, they got served eviction papers on camera, a shocking turn for a franchise founded on conspicuous wealth.

is coming to an end and the third part of the reunion special is sure to be interesting.

This past season has been a bit of a roller coaster, filled with lots of drama, lawsuits, exes, and more.

We love them all -- but we Judging what makes the "best" Housewife is sort of like trying to determine what is the most excellent kind of candy. At least it has Lee Anne Locken, a three-headed reality-TV Gorgon. As for Brandi Redmond, Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman, Tiffany Hendra, and Marie Reyes, as they say in Texas, "bless their hearts." ): Other than her weird, tenuous connection to the O. ): This one-season wonder had an awful husband, an injured "pistachio," and a really bizarre sense of humor.

There are many different factors to consider, and personal taste plays a large part. However, she talked candidly about her struggles with an eating disorder, a display of refreshing honesty on the topic little seen on TV.

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Kim already caused a bit of drama in Season 9 at Sheree's Chateau Sheree housewarming party. That drama is sure to stir up again next season, especially because Kim and Sheree are now, in fact, very good friends (even though fans will never forget when Sheree pulled Kim's wig).Porsha, Phaedra's bestie these days, also had issues with Kandi after they got into it about spreading rumors about each other behind the other's back.Mainly, it was brought up that Porsha had said Kandi was "still in the closest," which began their still ongoing feud.It was revealed that Phaedra had lied about a lot of things, including her divorce from her husband Apollo.More than that, she helped one of Kandi's former employees sue Kandi, making their fractured friendship officially over.

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