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, the new comedy from director Etan Cohen that already has Ferrell attached to star.

And we re-wrote the film towards that.”Liman graduated to the big-budget leagues with the lacked funds for reshoots, Liman went D. Y.: “Tom Cruise came into the editing room, and I set up a green screen, and I filmed him in the editing room to superimpose over his old self in the scenes,” he says.Twenty years later, Liman—who went on to direct 2002’s , Liman says his sound guy told him, “This movie’s pretty cute, but let’s face it: no one’s ever going to see this but your friends.” “That’s how low the expectations are,” Liman says.Miramax purchased the film, and it grossed a robust .5 million at the box office. After the dissolution of a relationship, he’s reluctant to date again—and he doesn’t have the bravado of his horny foil, Trent (Vince Vaughn).So, to mitigate costs, Liman used actual bar patrons.He wanted to avoid making something like the 1995 Parker Posey film , which didn’t have much of a budget for extras to fill in the fiestas, despite the name: “I’m looking at the movie, and the parties look really lame because there’s nobody in them,” he says.

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