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However, Jiro really cares about his looks, always fixing it up and looking in the mirror.

Even though this time he was acting as a superstar, I've heard that even when he's not, he is still like that.

I really wanna see what he looks like when he's angry!

"Rainie says that Da Dong has a very good temper, his EQ (emotional quotient) is high; whether this is a good or bad thing, she feels that Da Dong should let go more!

With regards to a future romance with Calvin, Chrissie says that they've only gotten to know each other recently.

On top of his current media projects, Calvin is also known for successful ventures outside of showbiz, including a bakery, a hair salon and a fashion store.

Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen was recently spotted with Hong Kong actress Chrissie Chau at a beach villa on Hainan Island.

The two were seen chatting happily with Calvin's arm thrown around Chrissie and the two looked every bit like a couple.

She has starred in more than 20 productions around Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

At the time, I was very nervous because we had never rehearsed using left hand and my left hand had always been very stupid.

I was going to say, if we were to NG then the plan would be ruined so there was a lot of pressure on me!

In the end when we were filming for real, I really used my left hand to slap him and once the director yelled cut, Da Dong very cutely asked, 'How come you used your left hand?

' So I think the director was very smart, testing my reaction but also capturing Da Dong's natural side."Rainie: "In this drama, I pretty much don't wear make-up and I'm always wearing a wig.

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