Who is jared followill dating 2016

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"Almost all bands I listen to, I’ll like their first few albums or I’ll like their later stuff or what they became.So I really do understand the divide [between fans] completely. But you know, it's rare that you'll find a band that - as a fan - you can go on an entire journey with and like all of their stuff," he says by way of justification.Then Kings of Leon started being compared to the likes of Coldplay. They were making music for "the suits" with populist power ballads and U2-esque stadium rock.Fans were divided down the middle with one side belonging to the pre-OBTN camp and the other side firmly post-OBTN.

And then came Only By The Night (OBTN) in 2008 and everything changed., Jared said his mum - called Betty Ann Murphy - is "very opinionated when it comes to our career"."[She'll say] 'You guys need to do this, blah blah blah, I saw Taylor Swift go sign [autographs for fans] for hours the other night and you guys never do that kind of thing. That's why she's the most famous woman in the world'," Jared explained.reached number one in the UK and two in the US when it was released in September 2013.It was the album that cracked America and brought them shiny accolades.As the venues got bigger, their sound evolved to fit the new space they inhabited. Once they were embraced by the mainstream, the purists accused the band of selling out.

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