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Ever since he’s been away from Joseline, Stevie has been linked to a slew of women including his co-star Tommie Lee, his former business partner Ms. There are probably even a few women missing that Stevie J messed with that didn’t make huge headlines.

Do you think Stevie J will ever settle down, or is Candice Boyd just another notch on his belt?

Now it looks like they may not have taken the leap into a romantic relationship, even though Stevie really wanted to because he’s been seen getting comfortable with another woman.

In a bizarre story, Stevie shares how Joseline’s molestation accusations had CPS knocking at his door and his baby mother Mimi Faust’s door to investigate.

Then again, since when does Stevie ever stay single?

Stevie pretty much went from Mimi Faust to Joseline Hernandez with no break in relationships.

The Faith Evans seemed to evade Stevie J when he tried to take their friendship to the next level.

Both Stevie and Faith talked about how long they have been friends and how they didn’t want to mess that up.

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