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In the studio, they stand face to face while singing into the same one, eyebrows arching and lips curling in unison as they work their way through a verse.Onstage, that mirror image extends to include their respective stations — mics, keyboards, drums — situated a few feet apart.

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"Madness," Good Grief's opener, was written in Ditmas; urban intensity echoes in its extravagant orchestrations and blunt-force severity ("I had a dream where you were standing there with a gun up to my head" are the first words we hear on the album).

"Gone Insane" is a runaway train of a skirmish, set to music: Laessig and Wolfe seethe at each other before their voices split off from the same melody and spiral up into two merciless, sparring tornadoes: You can't call me the one who's gone insane/'Cause we know you're the one who's gone insane.

On their own, the lyrics of the chorus would be familiar to anyone who's received a blow below the belt (or thrown one), but the sound of these two women whipping each other with their vocal cords feels especially ferocious.

By the time they returned to New York in December 2014, they were headlining a sold-out night at the 3,000-capacity Terminal 5. But a flame needs air to burn, and in Brooklyn, Lucius found themselves running out of oxygen.

"Just coming back from tour and being away for literally two and a half years, it started to feel really heavy," says Wolfe.

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