Who is asia ray dating

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Asia says on her show she wants “to become the next Beyonce” and when she grows up she’s “going to rule the world.” Lofty dreams for such a young girl, but she’s putting things in motion to accomplish her goals.Her parents have her in dancing, singing and acting lessons, making her the ultimate triple threat to take the crown from superstars like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. Murrugun turned to face everyone else,and I sat down,my face in my hands. " escaped everyone's lips,except for Asia's, Murrugun's and mine. Chapter 8-Telling The Others: Morgue's POV Last night I asked Asia out. It wasn't bad,it's just that I never thought I'd ever be able do that with her.

Asia's place in the competition was constantly questioned by the other mothers and sometimes even the other dancers because her technique wasn't up to where the other dancers and Abby was always pointing out her sickled feet and other technical mistakes but she was a stunning performer.Asia ray was enrolled in dance at the age of 2 by her mother who was a gymnast, fitness competitor, and athlete when she was younger.Asia's favorite style of dance to perform is Jazz and Hip-Hop Funk. If Asia won 0,000 from the show, then she share it with those who have helped her on her dance journey and save some for more dance training.Asia made it into week 4 and then made it into week 5, where she and Lexine were praised as the top dancers for the week.Asia continued into week 6 and won the improv challenge.

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