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Militarized currents of sex work In the meantime, US military presence in Korea and Japan has many implications for the sustainment of military prostitution and sexual criminality today.To understand military prostitution today, we should look at the historical development of sex work in military markets of labor.CHATROOMS have always been a free sharing medium of communication that have parents worrying all over the world… Film producers, doctors, advertisement makers, photographers, fashion designers, ketua kampung, pak menteri, teachers, school seniors, ustazahs, school guards, FATHERS and MOTHERS.

But by purchasing the product that is designed based on the former sex slaves' paintings, I felt good to support victims through my consumption," said 26-year-old Lee Chae Yoon.

Second, confronting the issue of sexual war crimes of Japan is also about remembering the Korean War in a context of post colonialism, Japanese economic reconstruction, and Cold War political sensitivities.

How to remember the Korean War becomes a wider project of recognizing the role played by the Korean government, the US military and overarching economic schemes in the military industry of sex workers, and the general acceptance of the importance of soldiers’ (sexual) “needs” in war preparation.

(The first anti-prostitution legislation was enacted in 2004) But it also hides the responsibilities of American legislation about prostitution in general, with the many Korean women working in the US as “bar girls”.

Civil society and activists should expand their struggle for comfort women to a wider perspective on gender justice, in an effort to transform the structure of sex-work institutions, attitudes and regulations of the sex industry, in respect to the multiple causations and experiences of Korean sex worker social mobility.

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