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You can attach pictures, links, descriptions, etc., and categorize them as you see fit. Start updating and adding to your website right away.

The ontact Module, which automatically creates a contact us form for you, and saves all respondants into the website's database for use by the contact manager (see below) or to export to a spreadsheet. Couple that with what we consider to be the most personal and responsive customer service in the business, and you can get working with Montague Web Works today and be done tomorrow.

We BWor K uses a Perl-based language called PG to specify exercises which allows instructors a great deal of flexibility in how exercises are presented.

We BWor K was originally developed at the University of Rochester by professors Michael Gage, and Arnold Pizer.

While, to date, the Web Work and Struts Action codebases have overlapped, recent movements to bring consolidation to the web framework landscape have inspired both communities to work together.Calendar events support Pay Pal for ticket purchases, and can be linked to a Dynamic Form if you need people to sign up.Events can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and be bulk-emailed to everyone in your Contact Manager or any Dynamic Forms you created (see below). Events can be displayed in a special content box on the side of your site, linked to the full event.The Image Gallery also has a Pay Pal-driven imple Shopping Cart built right in! The Online Form module allows you to create as many online forms as you wish.All entries are databased and are integrated with the Contact Manager (see below). Dynamic Forms now also can collect GPS info when the form is filled out! Dynamic Forms also have Pay Pal integrated, allowing you to use them for class / event / room registration and complicated order forms.

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