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They are split between bookmarking services and tools (e.g. The code for Social Bookmarks should be added to your theme’s code, where required.

Note that one of the cool things you get for free is that since these are stored as violations, you can then re-run the report and use the Compare Report feature to see the progress while fixing them.

Also, since they are stored as part of the report you will not need to keep running the validator over and over again but instead just open it and continue looking at them, as well as analyzing the data in the Reports and Queries, and be able to export them to Excel, etc.

Hopefully this will give you a good example on some of the interesting things you can achieve with the SEO Toolkit and its extensibility.

– see the FAQ for more details Social Bookmarks is an easy but powerful way to implement social bookmarking on your Word Press blog.

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