Vs 2016 recent projects list not updating

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He or she then clicks Send Status to view the following options: Team members can select different task viewing options to change the way task information is displayed to them on the task page.

These options can be selected on the Project Web App ribbon.

Before you accept or reject task changes from project team members, it is important to be aware of your organization’s timesheet processing cycle.

For example, if your organization has a weekly timesheet cycle, you should plan to process all timesheet and task changes at least once per week, after all team members submit their status, but before the end of the weekly timesheet cycle.

This history is for review purposes only; it cannot be modified.

This enables you to review the history of updates made for all projects and resources.

Project managers automatically receive a notification when changes are submitted by team members assigned to tasks in projects that they manage.

Project managers can choose to accept or reject each task change.

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(Alternately, additional assignments can be updated by selecting them with a checked box or by clicking the Send Status, All Tasks button.) Also note that the Send Comment box is checked before the user clicks Send Status, Selected Tasks.

It displays a Preview page for the project plan that contains a Gantt Chart of the project with the task update.

To preview the effects of a task change to a project plan You can view a history of all task changes that were processed within the previous 60 days.

It also describes how project managers review task updates that are submitted for approval.

Applies to: Project Server 2010 | Project Web App In this article: Team members can report time against published assignments (Project Tasks) through the Project Web App Tasks page.

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