Validating the wsdl against the ws i basic profile

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The glaring exception is the Code First or Contract First?

Every document-style service has an XML Schema or equivalent as part of service’s WSDL.

This question sums up the Given the ease of the code-first approach—not to mention the economic pressures and hectic pace of software development—there seems to be little chance that a contract-first approach to web services will eclipse the dominant code-first approach.

Nonetheless, a code-first-generated WSDL and its accompanying schema can be refined as needed to ensure that this contract document reflects service requirements.

is of particular interest because it characterizes the service in terms of operations, not simply messages; operations consist of one or more messages exchanged in a specified pattern.

The two areas of immediate interest in the WSDL for a programmer writing a client against a service would be the This section contains or links to an XML Schema or equivalent.

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