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As the volume-of-interest decreases, the appropriate Sample Solution contains an increased concentration of red dye, thereby maintaining constant signal strength to the plate reader detector.The blue dye is used as an internal standard to measure the solution depth in every well.Compatible with virtually all automated liquid handling systems and multichannel handheld pipettes, the Artel MVS sits on a mobile workstation for portable, rapid calibration, verification and optimization of volume precision and accuracy.The MVS’s unique, dual-dye photometric measurements are robust against environmental influences and traceable to SI units to enable comparison across operators, protocols, equipment, and locations.

The plate is composed of an aluminum frame with alignment apertures and a set of four sealed, custom-manufactured, precision cuvette absorbance standards.The HONEYWELL Xenon 1902 is a high-performance, hand-held 2D bar code scanner.It allows for easy recall of liquid handler devices and ease of use to enter required MVS bar code data into the Data Manager software.Additionally, temperature dependencies of the Sample Solutions are accounted for by the Calibrator Plate.A pane of neutral density glass is included to monitor any unlikely change in absorbance of the solution-filled standards.

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