Validating instruments in mis research

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Recently, he chaired the first annual Global Information Technology Management (GITM) World Conference in Memphis in June 2000, and is also chairing the June 2001 conference in Dallas. Palvia is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM), and is on editorial board of several journals.His research interests include international information systems, electronic commerce, strategic information systems, database design, and software engineering.Adel is a winner of the Best Young Researcher Award from Kuwait University.His current research interests focus on the management of Internet technologies, the performance of information technology projects, and individual, organizational, and societal impacts of information technology.

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validating instruments in mis research-42

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In addition to 17 years in academics, he has 9 years in industry.Scale Validation The scales were validated using the standard procedures recommended in the literature =-=[25, 28, 118]-=-.Items of scales in a related domain were pooled and factor analyzed to assess their convergent and discriminant validity.He has published 60 articles in journals, such as: MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences, Communications of the ACM, Information and Management, Decision Support Systems, and ACM Transactions on Database Systems, and over 90 articles in conference proceedings.He has co-edited two books on Global Information Technology.

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