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Most of these activities are related to building a relationship with prospective customers.

Engagement metrics include: * Bounce Rate: We’ve been talking about this one for years!

* On-site social interactions: (Tweets, Likes, 1): Are people clicking these things?

And is there something special about the people that do? * Product Information Interactions: Many ecommerce sites have TONS of content to help convince consumers to buy. If so, which type and how do people interact with the video?

It’s a critical step in the buying process, so we’re going to measure it.

* Save to Wish List: This is like a predictor of the future!

* Product Ratings: This is another great way that ecommerce companies can generate interaction with customers. Reviews can be a great source of traffic (hello, free SEO) and insight into what your customers like and do not like. There is no better way to get a sense for a product. Bryan recommends measuring how many people look at a product or category and then do not buy that product. If people are looking at a product, but not buying it, there is some friction there. [ Don’t worry, we’ll cover the implementation in another post. We often try to get our customers to spend more per transaction and employ various techniques, like cross-selling, to increase AOV.

We can also use AOV to identify high-value channels, like email, search and social. It takes less effort to attract a repeat customer versus a first-time customer.

Let’s face it, there’s a LOT of data and we can’t look at all of it all of the time!

Acquisition data is all about how we get customers to an ecommerce website.

Marketers need to know which campaigns are working and which are not. This allows many types of segmentation so we can align our campaign measurement with the campaign objectives.

While measuring the number of times the store finder is used is not a direct indication of sales, it does yield interesting data.

Especially when you collect which locations are most commonly searched for. While we can’t control if they’ll actually read what you put out there, a subscriber is still someone interested.

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