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As test environments, most times contain heterogeneous platforms and stacks, presenting below are some key pointers to ensure effective maintenance of the test environment.#1.Effective environment sharing and distribution: As already mentioned earlier one of the key challenges of test environment preparation is that many teams or people need to use the same set of resources for their testing purposes.In the last tutorial, we focused on how to prepare test bed to minimize test environment defects.In continuation with the same tutorial, today we will learn how to setup and maintain test environment and important The most important factor for test environment is to replicate it as close to the end user environment as possible.Sanity checks: Some test requirements need a comprehensive test setup or setup which involve elaborate steps which are extremely time-to consume.This is specifically the case during the end to end testing which involves two or more components to work together.

– the best way to address this is to use virtualization or cloud environments.

Developing automation frameworks and using automation for regressive tests, also helps in improving the efficiency of a test environment because automation will assume that the environment is stable and the defects that are originated are purely feature/code oriented.#6.

General governance: When there are some issues with the test environment hardware or software, these issues must be directed to the right people to ensure fixes if cannot be fixed internally by those maintaining the lab.

When using such an environment, all the testers need to do, is to provide an instance and this instance once provisioned, will form an independent test bed or test environment containing all the diverse resources such as a dedicated OS, database, middleware, automation frameworks, etc. Once the testing is concluded, these instances can be destroyed thereby greatly reducing costs for an organization.

Cloud environments are particularly useful for functional verification testing, automation testing areas.#5.

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