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Problem validating w3c XML Schema Module with Xml Validating Reader Hi- I've created an XHTML extension module which validates correctly using the W3C online schema validator, but fails when I use the 1.1 validator. When testing the validation routine, the XMLValidating Reader correctly flags mis-matched tags such as but does not catch other errors.

It seems to be choking on an included W3C file: Up/SCHEMA/xhtml-notations-1The problem seems to be on this line: My code does something like this: Xml Text Reader reader = new Xml Text Reader(new Stream Reader(testfile. I am using Xml Validating Reader class provided by . I get an exception when I try to use the schema obtained from w3c site mentioned above. For example, it doesn't catch tags that are not part of the schema, doesn't catch missing tags where the schema has minoccurs="1", and doesn't catch incorrect values when the schema has specified an enumeration.

I am testing with xml that I know will not validate against the Xml Schema that I have added to the Schemas collection of the Xml Validating Reader. Xml Validating Reader unbelievable error Hi everyone, I am trying now for 4-5 hours to write a simple code to validate a very simple XML and i still get an error.

I also know that the schema is sound, if I comment out the delegate assignment and wrap the code in a try/catch then I get the exception that I expect. Here is my Code, and i always get an error at args.

Read()) //Loop through elements //f you reach here without hitting validations, you are OK Message Box. Close(); I validated the XML with both, the XMLSpy and the Sun-Xml Validator and both detected the missing keyref! Thank´s for your help in advance Bernhard You need to specify trans NS prefix in ALL XPath expressions. OPERATION=homearea_xml&DB=global&Web CT ID=rodgersn_its_main&AUTH=ee09aabc77ef593917a60720f167c733" and result = req. However, we can succesfully import complex Types from ' Document.xsd&... None); xml Validating Reader = new Xml Validating Reader(xml Frag, Xml Node Type. A piece of c# code, which utilises an Xml Validing Reader succeeds to validate the xml when NO attributes are used from ' Document.xsd', but fails when these attributes are included. Read To End(); Name Table nt = new Name Table(); Xml Namespace Manager nsmgr = new Xml Namespace Manager(nt); Xml Parser Context context = new Xml Parser Context(null, nsmgr, null, Xml Space. When I updated the rest of the expressions, generated the following errors: - The identity constraint ' Our xml sample ' Instancedoc.xml' uses ' Derived Document.xsd' as its schema.Event Args e) { Xml Text Reader r = new Xml Text Reader(Server. XMLValidating Reader misses errors I am using an XMLValidating Reader to validate an XML file received via a web service.Map Path("books.xml")); Xml Schema xs = new Xml Schema(); xs. Map Path("books.xsd"); Xml Validating Reader v = new X... I want to verify that the incoming file matches the XML schema.

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