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Hope they come out with a better firmware to fix this!(I already installed the newest firmware right after receiving unit and had done before/after firmware tests. Our live beach cams offer a glimpse of the breathtaking views from Hotel del Coronado.

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Older firmware would only work with older versions of App (v5.1.9) and LG Bridge 'Can't Connect' on several different Windows and Mac OS computers.

i can't take picture with google-street-view-app on iphone. Actually, there seems no way back to an old firmware.

For over one year, it works fine, but after an lg-firmware update to version R10510l it does not working any more. So I did not recommend this camera, if you plan to use google-street-view-app.

A very fortunate thing, as the go-pros that were supposed to be recording failed for some reason.

Also had an opportunity to shoot the reception, which turned out really exceptional.

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