Updating win xp

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Once you have a bootable drive, navigate to it and run

The first screen will ask if you want to get the latest updates - it's worth doing this.

Accept the licence terms and if you chose to, the installer will download the latest updates.

Then, it will check to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements and if it does, will show a 'Ready to install' screen.

You will get pain from this, so aim for the least pain possible.

Now head to Microsoft's Windows 10 download page and click on the link for the version you need.

If you’re running Windows XP on a network, it’s possible that your network security settings could stop you from using the Windows Update feature.

Did Windows Vista scare you off updating your PC so much that you let Windows 7 and 8 pass you by?

When you finally get to the Windows 10 desktop, allow a bit of time for Windows 10 search for drivers for your hardware.XP will be able to do that only to a decreasing extent. More important, perhaps, is the security threat inherent in running an OS that is no longer supported.Windows 10 is naturally more secure due to its built-in antivirus and fleet management features, too.Whichever version of Windows 10 you are upgrading to, you'll have the option of a physical disc or a digital download.We recommend a physical disc, if upgrading from XP.

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