Updating the bios for a new power supply ssl certificate not updating

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First, before you do anything else, turn of the power to the PC and remove the power cord.

After the power has been cut, remove the PC case side panel to gain access to the PC interior.

So, while this process is running all of the hardware installed in your computer are directed to change their power state to lose power ( to shutdown ), but when there is a fault in a particular device driver, the corresponding device does not respond as Windows wants it to and hence you face this Before starting this procedure, it is recommended that you create a system restore point, so that you can fall back on it if something goes wrong.

Power on the PC to verify the new power supply is working properly.

If you would like to be precise, you can add up the total wattage the components of your PC require and compare that to the wattage rating of your power supply.

If the wattage your power supply provides is not enough or barely enough it would be safe to purchase and install a new power supply that can handle the wattage required.

Once the power supply has been located, remove all PSU power cables and connections from the components of your PC.

You may need to first remove other devices before the power supply can safely be removed.

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