Updating my verizon blackberry 8830 firmware korean drama dating now

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If it reads v4.2.2.176, you already have the latest software upgrade available for your device! Customers wishing to add functionality such as A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) support to wirelessly listen to music through the included Media Player (requires optional Bluetooth Stereo Headset, purchased separately).

Customers wishing to add VZ Navigator TM functionality to their device, including audible, turn-by-turn directions, and more (additional charges required, visit details).

FIrst off, the update procedure, one normally rock solid with Blackberries, hung up toward the end and I had to remove the battery from the 8830 to recover.

Once I did that and reconnected to the Blackberry Desktop Manager my 8830 was restored with all of my data and the device reactivated with the Blackberry network.

Phone as Modem is available today for Corporate Liable customers – please contact your employer to request Phone as Modem be added to your subscription.

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You will first need to ensure that you have Black Berry Desktop Manager software installed on your PC before starting this download.Customer who intend to use their device outside of the United States (requires Verizon Wireless Global Plan/Feature and SIM card, additional charge apply for global service).Important Information for Black Berry Enterprise Server Customers If your company uses a Black Berry Enterprise Server to provide access to your corporate email, it is highly recommended that you contact your IT department prior to installing this update.The total process ended up taking over an hour but my 8830 at was functionally the same as before the update.I had some scary moments in there where I thought my 8830 had been bricked but thankfully the battery removal did the trick.

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