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You only need to purchase a few things to do this, things you may already have.An SD card is the same as the thin small chip that is used inside of a digital camera.So you could technically store Wii files and computer files onto them. You have a bunch of programs you want to test on your Wii.Before you jump for joy, look up that Wii's model number and update version. They basically are being nice and saying, 'stop tinkering with our system'.Unlike past systems like the Xbox or PS2, modding a Wii doesn't require any physical tinkering and costs way less than one would think.

The Wii has both a slot for an SD card in the front of the unit almost resembling a memory card slot.If you don't refuse, your Wii upgrades and your Homebrew Channel disappears.Wii updates 4.2 and 4.3 were both specifically designed to kill homebrew.The latest upgrade version at the time of publication is 4.3.To find out what version of the operating system you have, go into Wii Options, click on Wii Settings and check the number on the upper right corner of that screen. Now you reinstall the Homebrew Channel for the appropriate OS.

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