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Close Terminal and hit the button on the Update to reboot your computer.

Once you reboot your screen may go blank or your system might auto reboot. Reboot the system again, this time booting with “-v -f -x” and let it do it’s thing. Let it run until there’s no more CPU or HDD activity.

I’m sure Software Update is safe but don’t take my word for it.

You can grab 10.5.5 at you run the downloaded file, open up Terminal and type “sudo su -” without the quotes.

Play with it, have fun, and post your success/failures here with screenshots. I’ll start looking into the issue this weekend if nobody posts something here first.

It took me 24 hours to experiment witha ll possible procedures and install.

It should complete in a few minutes and ask you to reboot.

Before you reboot, exit the Terminal script by holding down Ctrl and pressing X (Ctrl X).

I use my Hack Book Pro in a production environment, which means I cannot be too far away from my Time Machine drive.

), there are dozens of bug fixes and additions to make this a real “worth while” update for your fully licensed official Mac or your Hack. It took me a day to get all of my stuff together and pull this update off.

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