Updating hosts file is not working

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But in some cases (like ours), it worked for an update too.

It’s mostly because we had a jailbroken i Phone that wasn’t restored to factory settings.

We highly recommend using composer for installing and updating Open Social.

This is where you can get Composer, also for downloading it through drupal.org, you still need it for a proper installation.

I tried using the hosts file to block them, I found a huge list of porn sites to block.

But when I tried to load other sites like Facebook, You Tube, etc.

It will take forever to load as I believe it is checking the whole list of sites.

Now what am wondering is there anyway of doing it and not have any difference with the speed of any other website?

block configuration when using a subtheme instead of the Social Base theme. Depending on your own workflow you may want to re-do this on another environment or export the configuration and add the changes to version control.Pictures that are made on a mobile phone often do not have the correct orientation.To automatically set the correct orientation to images uploaded from your mobile phone you should have the We supply docker-compose files and Docker containers to quickly get you started on your local environment. Note that the docker projects have to be somewhere in your /Users/ directory in order to work (limitation for Mac and Windows).To me, this method never worked but then, I had my i Phone jailbroken too many times. Fixing i Tunes Error 3194 for a Jailbroken i Phone using Tiny Umbrella Tiny Umbrella is a cool little software that you probably have heard of already.Note #1: Tiny Umbrella and this method are actually part of the 3194 error fix for “downgrading” your i OS firmware.

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