Updating fedora 8

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Chinese, Japanese, etc.) that can cause unexpected issues when upgrading.

Before upgrading, you will have to temporarily set the system language to English and then change it after upgrading.

stuff (that a super user would use), it may be better suited for Server Fault.com, seeing that it is more about server configuration than anything else.

However, you should consider upgrading to a newer Fedora.

I have a new Fedora Core 8 image I am using (I am doing this on the EC2 -- Amazon Web Services). It wont solve the Ruby pain though as Debian is a brain damaged with regards to Ruby/Gems.

The image has Ruby 1.8.6 and gem 1.2 When I try to update Ruby using yum or gem using 'gem update --system' it tells me there is no update. there are a couple of things you can do though (on both debian/ubuntu and fedora) I posted an Ubuntu AMI bootstrap script from an oss project I'm working on at Not everything there is relevant to you but I've burned my hand so typing singlehandedly :), can't do much editing. another thing you can try is installing rvm ( I'm considering adopting it myself as a proper multi-distro solution to ruby pains.

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Hi everyone, I am trying to upgrade the Fedora 8 kernel from version to version***. I have downloaded the kernel- and ran this command: rpm -ivf kernel- and received the following warnings: user mockbuild does not exist - using root group mockbuild does not exist - using root Do I need to create user and group named mockbuild? I have utilized yum to install kernel, kernel-devel, and kernel-headers from to

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.He is a former staff member of the Spigot MC project, a contributor to Music Brainz / Listen Brainz, and a community moderator for He is an avid traveler and can often be seen with a camera in hand.Once the previous command finishes downloading all of the upgrades, your system will be ready for rebooting.To boot your system into the upgrade process, type the following command in a terminal: package, your system reboots into the current kernel installed for Fedora 22; this is normal.

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