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So painless that both websites happen to have automated resources that will (probably) allow you to make updating your video card drivers as simple as a few clicks.

Step one is actually figuring out what we’re looking for.

If it is successful, you’ll be told your card is up to date or that it needs updated, otherwise it’ll tell you that the scan could not be completed.

In the event that the scan fails, go back and follow their five-step process to pinpoint your exact video card drivers. One thing I’ll never recommend is that you go about using automated software like Slim Drivers or Driver Magician.

If the manufacturer of your video card has created a new driver, you may solve the problem by installing it.

From there, you’d going to want to click on the Display adapters header to expand the tree. However, in respect to that note about not trusting automated software earlier, we aren’t going to listen to Windows. So, now that we’ve figured out what kind of video card you have, let’s proceed on our quest. lang=en-us You’ll then see the following near the bottom. I’d recommend using Internet Explorer while running this automated check because it tends to handle Active X and browser plugins a little better than most browsers (surprisingly). Afterwards, you’ll either be presented with a screen telling you that you need updated drivers or that your drivers are up to date, or that the automated check failed.

You can launch by either going to your Windows Start (Programs) menu on your taskbar, then navigating to Driver Support OR you can click the button below to launch the application directly.

Once the list of all your device drivers is shown you can then select the specific device driver you want to update or repair.

It’s not smart to trust updates from that-one-official-driver-site.com, you know?

Changes to your operating system or new software may cause conflicts with your video card or video card driver.

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