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I begin planning each lecture by defining the general topic: What’s the point of the lecture?Then I figure out the sub-topics and the points within each sub-topic.But it can take hours to put a good diagram together.I also spend time looking for videos, images, and other resources to incorporate into the slides, in order to make a point or paint a picture that I wouldn’t be able to achieve on the chalkboard.

Every year, as I prepare to give a lecture again, I revisit these questions.On the board notes, I also note what time I plan to be done with each board, so I know exactly where I should be in the lecture at what time. I like telling jokes and playing around, too, but I have to keep moving in order to finish in the 50-minute time slot. It takes a lot of time to create and tweak the board notes until they’re ready to use, but they’re extremely useful for delivering an effective, well-timed lecture.I make my own diagrams so that they’re clear and they show exactly what I want. That’s a lot of time, but I would say that 10 hours of preparation for a 50-minute lecture is probably the minimum anyone should put in for a really decent lecture. Preparing a new lecture usually takes me 20-24 hours, and I always feel that the first time I give a lecture it’s really shaky, even if I’ve prepared it well.

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