Updating aircraft equipment list

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As pilots, most of us are not mechanics by training or occupation, yet many of us derive satisfaction from tinkering with mechanical things, especially aircraft.By performing routine maintenance on our own aircraft we not only gain personal satisfaction but also become better educated about the equipment we fly, making us better and safer pilots.The responsibilities for a pilot performing preventive maintenance are very similar to those imposed on the certificated mechanic performing other duties.

And remember, your mechanic is trying to earn a living, so compensate him for his time and advice.Probably the most common reason for pilots not to perform their own routine maintenance is the belief that the FAA will permit only such a limited amount of work to be handled by the owner that it is not worthwhile to even attempt it.In fact, there is a rather broad array of tasks that we as owners and operators of type certificated aircraft can legally perform without the ongoing supervision of an aviation maintenance professional.They will help you better understand your privileges.Item number 30 pertains to primary category aircraft only.

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