Updating a new englander style home dating with foreigner

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Dates: 1880 to 1900Features: Exterior walls and roofs of wood shingles; asymmetrical house shape, often organic to the landscape around it; large porches; intersecting roofs of different shapes, including gambrel.A style mostly popular along the coast in the Northeast, Shingle houses were usually large architects' masterpieces, free-form mansions built into the rocks and hills of the shore.Dates: 1880 to 1900Features: Masonry exterior (stone or brick), asymmetrical house shape with Roman or Syrian arches and towers, arched windows.Closely related to the Queen Anne and Shingle styles, Romanesque houses are always stone or brick.After the Civil War, munitions factories converted to make metal house parts and the machinery to cut mass-produced wood trim.The railroads brought these products to all regions at an affordable price.

Again modeled after a fashion started in England, the Italianate style rejected the rigid rules of classical architecture and instead looked to the more informal look of Italian rural houses.Any information that is critical to your buying decision should be independently verified. push(function () { var width = window.inner Width

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