Twilight starts dating

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Legend has it that in 1918, while dying of Spanish influenza at the age of 17, Edward was transformed into a vampire by Dr Carlisle Cullen who adopted him as his son.

Back to top The Denali Coven is the only other vampire coven in the ‘Twilight’ series that is vegetarian after the Cullen family.The reader only meets them properly in ‘Breaking Dawn’ when they visit the city of Forks, Washington for Edward and Bella’s wedding.The coven’s members, Tanya, Irina and Kate were all sired by the same vampire, Sasha, while Carmen and Eleazar joined later, Eleazar having been a Volturi soldier until he met Carmen and became vegetarian.It’s November, which means the new and fourth ‘Twilight’ film ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One’ (released worldwide on Nov 18, 2011) is almost here.But what if you don’t know your Denalis from your Cullens? We enlisted a crack team of Twi-hards and the Twi-curious to guide us through the world revealed in Stephenie Meyer’s books and the phenomenally successful film series.

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