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Three olives for a garnish is fine, but any more than that spells disaster.

One too many bitters and the drink takes a turn for the worse.

A Fog Cutter Not even the most clueless tourist in baggy Bermudas could possibly confuse Thatch with an honest-to-goodness surf-shack bar tucked away on some balmy beach.

Instead, a crowd of Elks Clubbers, chain-smoking old ladies and assorted Northeast Portland locals, all of whom appear to make up the joint’s , come nightly to watch the Big Game.And the sugar—it shouldn’t hit you over the head like a packet of Kool-Aid.Truth is, the best bartenders (see our Bartenders of the Year are models of restraint.But that last 10 percent—the bitters, the simple syrup, the lemon twist, the rinse—is what really matters.There are few bartenders in town who understand this as well as those behind the swank, circular bar at Ten 01.

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