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Denial is the hardest part of it all, and once you’re through it, everything will fall in place.

The more you resist the truth, the more painful it becomes.

These social and cultural norms have led us to believe in all the things we are today.

Here are some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt over the years. There’s an old tale about the man who did everything to take care of his grapevine – he gave it all he had, but they still turned out bitter. If you do your best and it still doesn’t work out, there’s nothing much you can do about it.They are pretty similar when it comes to sexual desires.They want to have a good time having it be it a man or a woman.From the very beginning we are taught to be gentle with girls and rowdy with boys.So hard core integrated these values and societal differences are in today’s world that we have forgotten that there is any other possibility as well.

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