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In 2010 we designed the entire band "The Waters - Seas of Consciousness" and took the chance of bringing our story to life in 2012. Did you have any prior knowledge or experience in the industry?

This is a new platform that we are trying to develop.

We are trying to move away from the "bikini, beads & feathers" and give our masqueraders an item that they can use after Carnival.

On the international arena, we would love to have the opportunity to costume Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Madonna -- if we could bring our designs to the big screen or even to Broadway, that would be a parameter that has never been ventured.

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But what makes the journey sweet is overcoming adversity and having family and friends share in our journey.Our mum, on the other hand, was a seamstress for years, so we have had the opportunity to learn some of the tricks of the trade.Having a love for fashion, a predilection for art, and growing up in a home that lends itself to designing and creativity made the development of our 2012 collection an exhilarating Which mainstream designers are you influenced by?KATHY NORMAN: We would love to be the Alexander Mc Queen of mas!

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