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You can set number of maximum queued building positions in headquarters.

If you have premium account it will be helpful, because premium account allows you to queue more building positions in headquarters at once.

Interactive map helps you to control farmed villages, creating attacks or selecting all villages of player/s. Village menu under right mouse click behaves the same like menu on the normal tribal wars map.

You can look into village details by double click on village.

If you are more familiar with us, feel free to report all the errors and take active part in our development. Now, with minimum effort, you can add the reports to any vault without leaving the game.

Features are being added all the time so you can check home page for the latest release informations.We provide the most complex statistics related to the free strategy browser game Tribal Wars.If you haven't ever heard about us consider taking part in our Tour, and check Why is it worth registering? The quickbar/bookmark script that allows you to send reports directly to the Reports Vault has been released. Ultimate Tribal Wars Bot can work all the time - 24/7 thanks to CAPTCHA recognition system.Bot has also features like farming villages, construct buildings, recruit army, minting a gold coins, balancing resources between villages, detection of incoming attacks, interactive map and much more.

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