Tips for dating japanese girls

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It’s considered very cool to go out with foreign men; foreign men are considered very “kakkoi”, and many women are attracted to them for this reason.

The first thing therefore that you have to be careful of is not becoming somebody’s plaything or status symbol.

Even though she’s essentially pretending that she likes what you like, and you are innocently unaware of this reality, if you whinge at all or even just look like you’re not enjoying yourself, she will get upset. When you have a day together, ask her what she wants to do, without suggesting anything yourself.

She can then get angry with you, and you not understanding why, and thinking she is being unreasonable will make it even worse. Try to seem enthusiastic and eager to do what she says, even if you are not.

This is not just a sense of style or difference in musical taste, etc.

The younger generation of women in Japan are looking for different things.

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This is difficult, but just keep reminding yourself that she does this for you, probably a lot more often.(sans elective surgery.) However, if you feel like going the extra step, dying your hair blonde and putting in blue contacts will really attract Japanese women. Japanese women above most other things, want you to have money, and want you to buy her things with that money.Eventually, want you to take care of them financially (in the long-term.) Some of these things you cannot change about yourself.Guys and girls have different ways of thinking about space. It’s almost like fishing, leave the bait out there and relax.Japanese girls especially are shy and it is better to avoid direct interaction at first. Sometimes even ignoring other important things and only moving towards their goals. Even if a guy falls from the sky right in front of us, we’d still think, “There are better guys to come.” We’re patient. It is said that men look best from an angle rather than straight-on anyway. If you do happen to be forced to talk face to face, adjust your chair or turn slightly so you are at a 45 degree angle. It’s not just the direction from which you approach or the angle you set yourself at either, the tone and volume of your voice is very important. The trick is to get the women to respond to you and move in closer on their own. Keep the converstation going with questions about her.

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